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Isinyithi Electrical Protection (IeP) specialises in the investigation and design of mitigation protection measures on metallic infrastructure (such as pipelines, tanks, steel structures) for electrical and electromagnetic interference (mainly on-shore installations).
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Isinyithi Electrical Protection (IeP) was formally established in 2015 after realising the need for a professional company specialising in especially mitigation of AC electromagnetic interference on steel pipelines. Training for this dedicated field in Cathodic Protection commenced in 2012 and IeP is now ready to operate as an independent professional services provider. It has access to the latest international state of the art evaluation and design assisting software.

Should there be a need for additional services (for cathodic protection, associated in-loco surveys and related corrosion protection services) Isinyithi Electrical Protection (IeP) would engage Isinyithi Cathodic Protection (ICP) as part of a standard working relationship to provide a seamless and integrated service.

The relevant company details are:

Registration number: 2014/104154/07
VAT registration number: 4440275669

Isinyithi Electrical Protection (IeP) treats each project with professionalism and dedication!

Our Range of Services
Our field of speciality is AC Interference Mitigation (ACIM) investigation and design for electrical safety and AC corrosion. Coupled with the experience in Cathodic Protection (ICCP and SACP), coating specification, as well as steel pipe engineering design, IeP is ideally suited to provide for an integrated and effective solution.
Our Completed Projects
Our project list is proof of our capability to complete projects successfully in this field of expertise.
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